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QuickBooks-Integrated Invoice Generation, Revenue Recognition & Contract Management Solution for Subscription Businesses

RevenueBooks by SaaSOptics

If you use QuickBooks or Quickbooks Online but rely on spreadsheets for revenue schedules, deferred revenue records, and contract information, you need RevenueBooks™, providing information exchange between SaaSOptics and QuickBooks. It's easy-to-use, robust, and fully integrated with QuickBooks.

If you use QuickBooks and rely on memorized transactions and spreadsheets for revenue schedules, deferred revenue calculations, and contract information, RevenueBooks™ is for you!

One day, you will have a single, integrated system for management of your finances and business operations. For now, the jump from QuickBooks to the next step up just doesn't make sense. So, you rely on spreadsheets to manage revenue recognition and to calculate deferred revenue and you use memorized transactions or a home grown solution to manage recurring invoice scheduling.

You are reading this because you know how painful and unproductive it is. So do we, which is why we created SaaSOptics and RevenueBooks.

Now, you can take a huge step forward at a very, very affordable price.

RevenueBooks™ is a special implementation of SaaSOptics that provides integrated invoicing, contract, and revenue management for QuickBooks. It's easy-to-use, robust, and fully integrated with QuickBooks. The RevenueBooks™ Contract & Revenue Management solution takes the overhead and risk out of revenue recognition and invoicing associated with term subscriptions, professional services and complex contractual relationships, freeing you from cumbersome, complicated revenue spreadsheets. Developed specifically for companies using QuickBooks, RevenueBooks™ provides the power, control and efficiency you get with high-end financial systems for a fraction of the cost.

The reporting and management of revenue & contracts, generation of invoices, calculation of deferred revenue, centralized storage of contracts, and renewal of contracts is made easy with RevenueBooks™. RevenueBooks™ helps ensure you are always ready with the kind of accurate and complete financial reporting needed for board meetings, bankers, investors, venture capitalists, and yes, acquisitions!
Manage Invoices

Invoice scheduling
Bill by Month/Quarter/Year/other
In Advance, In Arrears
Sync invoices to QuickBooks
Sync invoices from QuickBooks
Discounts supported
Taxes supported
Close Period Support
Manage Contracts & Renewals

Expired & expiring subscription warnings
Individual & batch renewals
Easy complex tranx handling
Flag transactions for follow up
Easy Import/Export
Countless reports
Revenue integrity checking
Recurring subscription supported
Sync with SFDC
Manage Revenues

Automatic revenue schedules
26 Revenue recognition templates
Manual revenue schedules
Contract elements
Suspend revenues
Automatic Deferred Revenue
Automatic Unbilled AR calculations
Summary/Customer/Contract Revenue Views
Send Journal Entries
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