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Platform Overview

Your SaaS and subscription business is growing,
but are your financial operations keeping pace?

Spreadsheets are messy, disconnected and error prone.

Traditional accounting software? Works for a while but then can’t deliver what you need as your business grows.

By now, you know traditional financial operations and software packages don’t work well for your SaaS business. Your company and finances are constantly evolving and so are your needs. You want a subscription management platform that can grow with your business, providing the invoicing and payment capabilities to get you started today but also offering the scalability, flexibility and highly sophisticated financial and analytics features you’ll need in the future.

SaaSOptics has everything you need to run and grow a successful SaaS and subscription business, all in one place. You might not see all of our features as being critical now, but we’ve been in your shoes so we’re thinking ahead for you. That’s why we’ve covered your day-to-day subscription management but also built in all the great, real-time GAAP financial, metrics and analytics reporting that will make it easy for you to gain insight into your business and impress potential investors.

SaaSOptics is total subscription management, from order to invoice, and the only platform that can scale and provide top to bottom in-depth financial metrics and analyses like MRR, ARR, cohort and customer lifetime value.

Take the headache out of managing the finances of your SaaS and subscription business with a solution that: 

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