Subscription Metrics & Analytics 

You can’t run a SaaS business without great analytics, and great analytics don’t come from a spreadsheet or basic accounting package.

If you’re like most, when you first started your business, your primary focus was probably on selling and product development. Back then, metrics were a “nice to have” and analytics seemed over the top. But now you know that as your business grows, your needs change and metrics and analytics such as MRR, ARR and CLV become critical—especially if you’re talking to investors or an acquisition is in your future.

As a SaaS business, you need a combination of GAAP-compliant financials and subscription metrics, and we’ve got you covered. Our analytics engine delivers accurate and real-time insight into MRR, ARR and general business momentum, so you have all the subscription analytics you need to run your business, automated and in one place.

With SaaSOptics, your financials and analytics are integrated with your system of record so you’ll get accurate, real-time financial views and visibility from one single source.


Key Metrics and Analytics

The right metrics and analytics will not only provide insight into performance and help drive the business forward, they are also exactly what investors want to see. SaaSOptics automatically calculates key metrics with standardized calculations, all tied to your financials and in one system. You’ll get an accurate, comprehensive view and insightful analytics including:


MRR and ARR Momentum

Our highly configurable MRR Momentum™ report can be calculated using MRR, ARR, amount, and even quantity. You can run it by contract or by customer, with filters by product, product group, currency, and more.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a measure of your predictable revenue stream. Our sophisticated algorithms do all the hard work and give you the flexibility to decide how you calculate MRR and at the level of detail that works for your business.

Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is the revenue you expect to repeat each year for a subscription contract. ARR can help you forecast, predict growth, identify opportunities to upsell, and help attract investors.

Cohort Analysis

Cohort Analysis makes it easy to see how churn and retention rates change over time by grouping customers. Our cohort analysis is easy to use, yet incredibly powerful. With SaaSOptics, you can set up and customize cohort analysis in seconds.


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the profit any given customer will bring to your business. If done accurately, it can provide valuable insight into the long-term profitability of your business. We simplify CLV, based on any segmentation you provide, to deliver the analysis you need to determine which customers are the most valuable.


Projections give you visibility into future revenue and billing streams from existing subscriptions and future renewals. With SaaSOptics, you can project up to five years, defined by market segment, selected projects, channels or other dimensions. Your projections can be monthly, quarterly or annually and include bookings, revenue and invoices.





Customer Count

Customer count may seem like a simple metric but how do you count customers? Is it by invoice, revenue or active subscription? We give you the flexibility to decide so that number is always at your fingertips, however you want it. 

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