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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. No words have ever been truer.

We know how challenging it can be to manage financial operations for a SaaS business because we’ve lived it. That’s the reason we built SaaSOptics.

In 1998, we launched a company called Marketing Central, a SaaS provider of marketing resource management solutions. But it didn’t take long to realize traditional tools for managing financial operations didn’t work for our business model. And, with SaaS just beginning to take hold, we couldn’t find any alternative tools that would. So we did what a lot of young companies do and used spreadsheets and manual processes. But as our business grew, those spreadsheets and workflows became cumbersome and consumed too much of our time—time we needed to spend doing other things to drive the business forward.

When it came time to raise capital, we needed more metrics than our financial processes could easily provide. The analysis and numbers the VCs and investors wanted, so they could gauge our potential, were difficult to pull together.

We knew every other SaaS or subscription company out there had these same problems. So, after Marketing Central was acquired in 2009, we turned our focus to creating a tool that would make it easy to solve the problems that had been very painful for us, like conducting churn analysis and analytics—things that are important in an acquisition. In fact, we had a vision for building a solution that would do everything needed for running the financial aspects of a subscription business. So once the analytics capabilities were done, we added other features to meet the full spectrum of financial operations needs that SaaS and subscription businesses have in the early years and as they grow. That product is SaaSOptics.

Today, over 300 customers rely on SaaSOptics to invoice over $1.5 billion in revenue. They trust us because we’ve been in their shoes and used what we learned to create a truly exemplary solution. SaaSOptics can make it easier for you to grow and succeed at any stage of your business, too.

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