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Normalized Contracts for Subscription Business

Self Implemention

When you have thousands of existing customers and invoices, the most efficient way to load historical subscription and revenue data is through the creation of importable files. When you have a limited number of records, the most efficient way is to use tools within SaaSOptics to build your records.

The essence of Self Implementation is the creation of subscription and revenue records from your invoice history using functions in SaaSOptics rather than through importing of prepared files. While the available functions include the ability to create many records via batch processing, generally the process involves creating subscription records customer by customer.

If all of your invoices are in QuickBooks, you could could self implement. Stated another way, all of your invoices must be in QuickBooks for you to be able to self implement.

Building Historical Data


With that qualifier, the questions are can you self implement and do you want to self implement?

If your business is under 1MM in revenue, Self Implementation is the only implementation program available.

If your business is above 1MM in revenue, Self Implementation might be an option for you.

Watch the 20 minute video for a detailed look at how you build Subscription and Revenues from Invoice data synced from QuickBooks, the essence of self-implementation.


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