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Solutions By Installed Systems

 We offer direct integrations with popular financial systems so that you can improve workflows and increase productivity. 


Rev up your QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks online and desktop integrations are truly comprehensive including chart of accounts, customers, payment terms, products/items, invoices, credit memos, sales receipts, payments, currency, taxes and so much more.



Whether you need a complete payment gateway for ACH and credit card payments via Stripe, or you’ve already integrated Stripe for recurring payments and need revenue recognition and analytics, our comprehensive, two-way integration makes payments easy.


Push complete financial records such as invoices, payment information and subscription dates directly into Salesforce. Closed opportunities from Salesforce become orders in your SaaSOptics order queue, so you don’t have to re-key information.





Transform billing information into GAAP compliant revenue schedules and industry leading subscription analytics & business intelligence. This integration leverages Recurly data to create superior revenue management, reporting and highly optimized subscription analytics including CMRR, MRR, CLV, Churn, Renewal Rate and more. 

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