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No matter what your role may be or which part of the financial operations you focus on, SaaSOptics simplifies subscription management across the business and provides everything you need for real-time, accurate and efficient financial operations.

Chief Executive Officer

As a CEO, you need daily insight into what is driving business performance. You are busy establishing the business and likely don’t have extra time to waste figuring out which metrics to track, not to mention the hassle of trying to pull everything together with reports that are time consuming and difficult to generate.

SaaSOptics provides you with real-time performance metrics and analytics so you can quickly access the information you need to better understand the state of your business. From basic MRR/ARR and churn reports to the most advanced customer lifetime value (CLV) and cohort analysis - SaaSOptics provides the insight you need to grow your business.

Chief Financial Officer/VP of Finance

Your financial processes need to be efficient and revenues GAAP-compliant, buttoned up and accurate. They also need to scale as the business grows. As strategic head of finance, you should have confidence in your processes and numbers so you can accurately project performance, accelerate month-end closing and pass audits with ease. With SaaSOptics, your financial processes are streamlined, standardized and give you control with accurate and efficient on-demand performance metrics and analytics reporting based on financial records.


Do you find yourself wondering if there is a better way to handle the books? Are you spending time worrying that you’re missing or mis-reporting numbers? You need a subscription management platform that will simplify financial operations, accelerate month-end closing and make your job easier. SaaSOptics can do all of this and more, giving you the efficiency and control to feel confident in your financial operations.


Automating processes for tasks like invoicing, renewals, and accounts receivable, can make your job easier and eliminate error-prone manual processes so you can ensure financial statements are accurate. You need the functionality and flexibility to keep the books accurate and do your job with ease. With SaaSOptics, you will be up and running in days with a subscription management platform that is fast to implement and easy to learn.

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