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SalesForce Integration

The powerful combination of SalesForce and SaaSOptics

If your business relies on Salesforce  to find, win and keep customers, no problem. Through our direct integration with Salesforce, you can improve workflows and gain visibility. You’ll save time and increase productivity.

Our bi-directional Salesforce integration is easy to use and won’t require complex configuration to get it up and running. If you decide to configure custom fields for Salesforce objects, we make that simple too.

The Powerful Combination of Salesforce and SaaSOptics

  • Save Time and Increase Productivity. Closed opportunities automatically flow into the SaaSOptics order queue and are turned into actual customer, contract, subscription, revenue and invoice schedules – information that can also flow automatically into QuickBooks. No more re-keying information or manually entering data.

  • Uncover Opportunities for Growth. Open up the possibilities for deeper subscription analysis with the automatic flow of subscriber account information between Salesforce and SaaSOptics. With visibility into current and past subscription history, your sales team will always know which customers are up for renewal and can take timely advantage of opportunities to upsell.

  • Empower Your Sales Team. A complete view of each subscriber, at your fingertips. Visibility into subscription history and paid vs. unpaid invoices means your sales team has a better understanding of where a customer is in the lifecycle and will always know where they stand on commission, without hassling the finance team. It’s also easy for your sales team to keep tabs on which customers are up for renewal and review invoice information, including the balance and payment synced directly from QuickBooks to SaaSOptics and then passed up to Salesforce.


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