B2B Finance Operations Assessment

What is the B2B Finance Operations Assessment?

The B2B Finance Operations Assessment was created to measure the financial maturity of a growing SaaS business by looking at key finance processes and functions. We derive our assessment from the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which was originally created by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in the 1980s to assess the ability of government contractors to implement software projects. 

CMMs typically use a five-level system to define and score process maturity. We use a three-level system covering three main B2B finance functions: Revenue Recognition, Invoicing & Payments, and Subscription Metrics & Analytics. Our three output scores are Basic, Transitional and Optimized.

What Sets High Growth Finance Operations Apart?

We have worked with hundreds of B2B SaaS business around the world and uncovered many processes and functional patterns that contribute or detract from the maturity of their finance operations. Here's what we found that most of the businesses have in common:

  • Streamlined revenue recognition and deferred revenue process
    • Your business needs to be able to automatically recognize revenue over the life of each customer agreement. B2B contracts are complex, and this level of detail cannot be maintained in a spreadsheet. You also need a system that can automatically calculate deferred revenue as you invoice customers.

  • Automated Order to Payment to Renewal Process
    • Your CRM and general ledger need to be integrated. This allows you to close an opportunity in your CRM and auto-create customer contracts, revenues and invoices in your general ledger. If these processes are disconnected, you open yourself up to missed renewals, errors and incorrect data.

  • Tracking Basic and Advanced Performance Metrics
    • As a bi-product of integrating your major systems, you can easily and accurately track basic financial metrics like MRR/ARR, churn/retention rates, customer lifetime value (CLV), as well as advanced metrics like CLV to CAC and cohort analysis.


Are Your Finance Operations Equipped for Growth?

Take the B2B Finance Operations Assessment and find out. It will take about 4 minutes and provide you with valuable insight and next steps to mature your finance operations. You'll also receive an email copy of your assessment results. Let's get started.