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Posts by Tim McCormick

The Top 7 SaaStr Annual 2019 Presentations

 Another year at SaaStr Annual is over, but that’s not the end. SaaStr is packed with speakers who are the leaders and shapers of the SaaS industry. There’s a lot we can learn from them, but with 12,500+ attendees at a massive conference, it’s not possible to get to every session and keynote. Thankfully, SaaStr publishes a…

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Getting Software as a Service (SaaS) Accounting and Financial Operations Right from the Start

By 2020, more than 80 percent of software providers will change their business models from “traditional” perpetual license and maintenance to subscription-based models. A perpetual model requires customers to pay a fee upfront to purchase a license for the system or application, whereas a SaaS model requires a monthly subscription fee. While some providers, such…

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SaaStr 2017 And Why You Should Focus On SaaS Financial Metrics

The annual SaaStr conference was in full swing last week. Were you one of the 10,000 B2B SaaS and subscription business leaders in San Francisco learning the latest SaaS trends, insights and best practices? As an entrepreneur, and leader of a SaaS-based company, I’m in the same position as many of the CEOs/founders attending this event. And like you,…

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