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Customer Spotlight: Driven Insights

In 2014, two long-time business partners and entrepreneurs noticed an increasingly common challenge facing most small business owners – the lack of good financial data and metrics. So, they founded Driven Insights and today, provide expertise on a fractional basis to growing businesses.

You may be wondering, “what is a fractional CFO?”

As a business grows, the need for buttoned up financial operations and more accurate metrics increases, but a full-time CFO might not be necessary (or in the budget). In this case, many businesses hire a “fractional CFO,” someone who is highly skilled and has deep experience in financial operations, to become part of the management team on a part-time basis.

Companies in this situation turn to experts like Driven Insights to manage their finance departments remotely, using financial information as a strategic tool to help drive growth, generate new revenues and increase profitability.

As Driven Insights began working with a growing number of SaaS, the founders had the expertise, but needed a platform that would allow them to deliver best-in-class financial metrics, specifically built for a recurring revenue business.

Today, Driven Insights relies on SaaSOptics to manage the financial operations for its SaaS clients. SaaSOptics has given Driven Insights the visibility and accurate financials to help its clients graduate past error-prone and disconnected spreadsheets, generate clean revenue recognition calculations, accurately represent growth in recurring revenue, capture clean churn metrics and easily run additional reports for management and Board meetings.

To learn more about the role of a fractional CFO and how Driven Insights leverages SaaSOptics, download the success story.