Introducing FinOps University from SaaSOptics: Your Master Class in SaaS Financial Operations

If you’re like most B2B SaaS employees, you’re likely still housebound and trying to make the best of your WFH setup. 

While many have spent their newfound down time trying their hand at new hobbies, like baking and binge-watching Netflix’s Tiger King, others are brushing up on their professional skills with organizations like Adobe practically giving their premium content away for free.  

Here at SaaSOptics, we’ve been hard at work pulling together top-notch resources for financial operations professionals (“FinOps” for short) into a comprehensive curriculum, and we’re finally ready to unveil the final product to you. And guess what? It’s free!

FinOps University is a comprehensive curriculum built for SaaS finance and accounting professionals (and other folks who wear those hats at smaller organizations). 

In it, we’ll cover everything from contingency planning (timely) to revenue recognition (oh, boy!) and a variety of topics in between.  

What is FinOps?

Financial Operations, or “FinOps” for short, is the intersection of people, process, and technology as it relates to managing the financial operations of a business. Since we focus 100% on B2B SaaS at SaaSOptics, we’ve catered this content to the FinOps folks at those types of businesses. 

Why FinOps University? 

Because we’re experts in SaaS financial operations, and it would be cruel to withhold our wealth of knowledge about all things FinOps from you. On our leadership team alone, we’ve got a combined 50+ years of experience in the SaaS world. And we’re constantly on the hunt for relevant players in the FinOps space outside of SaaSOptics to share their expertise as well. 

Who is it for? 

FinOps University is for anyone in your B2B SaaS organization who has a stake in financial operations. Depending on your company’s structure and growth stage, this could be the founder or an executive. This could be a CFO or controller, or in larger companies, this could be a finance manager, bookkeeper or accountant. Regardless of title, if you manage or report on the financials of your company, FinOps University is for you. 

Preview of Course 100 

As a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in course 100, here are the topics we’ll cover: 

  • Lesson 1 –  How to Close Your Books and Work Through an Audit from Home with Ben Murray, The SaaS CFO & CFO of Cartegraph 
  • Lesson 2 – How to Raise Capital and Prepare for Investing Meetings From Home with Lisa Calhoun, Founder of Valor Ventures 
  • Lesson 3 – 3 Things to Do Now to Set Yourself Up for Success Post COVID-19 with Clayton Whitfield, Co-Founder & SVP of Revenue at SaaSOptics
  • Lesson 4 – The Ripple Effect of Investors Finding Errors in Your Spreadsheet with Philip Lewis, Principal at Fulcrum Equity Partners
  • Lesson 5 – What to Do After Contingency Planning is Done with Chris Smith, CFO at GiveGab
  • Lesson 6 – Why Creating A Revenue Recognition Policy is Mission Critical Right Now with Jon Cochrane, CPA & Senior Product Manager at SaaSOptics
  • Lesson 7 – How to Maximize the Valuation of Your SaaS Business with Tim McCormick, CEO at SaaSOptics 

Dive in to FinOps University Course 100 today and stay tuned for Course 200. 

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