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How to Prepare for M&A Management Presentations

The banker said to block my calendar for management presentations. Excuse me, what are management presentations? And for two weeks?

Yes, and this is only the halfway point. The real “fun” in due diligence comes after the management presentations. However, before we get too far, let’s break down what happens at management presentations and how you can prepare your company and leadership team.

What are Management Presentations?

Management presentations are an opportunity for your leadership team to showcase your company to a handful of potential buyers that you have invited to participate in the final bidding process. You’ll meet with one bidder per day and present a complete overview of your business.

All presentations have a different flavor, but you’ll generally cover the following topics in your 50-plus slide CIM, or Confidential Information Memoranda.

  • Quick facts about your company
  • Market overview and total addressable market (TAM)
  • Areas for revenue growth
  • Your products
  • Your services
  • People/organization structure
  • And last, but definitely not least, finance

Financials, Financials, Financials

There is a reason that I saved the last bullet for finance. Although it’s just one of many important bullets, your CFO, financials, and forecast will be stress tested during the bidding process.

From junior analysts to partners to CEO’s, all eyes will be on your historical AND forecasted financials.  Laptops and calculators will be out, and they’ll be re-crunching your numbers.

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