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Logo Churn

Logo churn is another term for customer churn and is a very important metric used by SaaS or subscription businesses as an input to the overall health of the business. All SaaS investors will ask about logo churn, as there is some common knowledge in the marketplace about acceptable and unacceptable thresholds of logo churn.…

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Revenue Churn

Revenue Churn Revenue Churn is a measure of the lost revenue. Like most subscription metrics, there is no universal definition. Revenue Churn is most often expressed as a whole number (rather than a ratio) but can be expressed as the actual lost revenue or more commonly, a normalized value such as ARR or MRR. Normalizing…

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MRR Churn

What is MRR Churn and why is it important to a SaaS business? MRR Churn is a form of revenue churn¬†popularized by various presentations and white papers from venture capital firms such as Bessemer Ventures. As with all SaaS metrics, there is neither a firm nor well-established method for calculation of MRR Churn. MRR Churn…

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