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New Bookings

What is new bookings in a SaaS business? New Bookings typically refers to the portion of bookings attributed to new customers, or more specifically new contracts with new or existing customers. For example, ABC, Inc. has been a client since 2005, but a new division signed a new term agreement. The bookings associated with this…

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Total Contract Value (TCV)

What is Total Contract Value (TCV) in SaaS? The Total Contract Value (TCV) metric summarizes the contractual value of fully executed term contracts. Total Contract Value can differ from Bookings in that Bookings may be defined to include only certain items and only the first year of a multi-year agreement, whereas Total Contract Value is…

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Total Bookings

Total Bookings Definition for SaaS Total Bookings is the value of all transactions in a specified period of time, including all subscription and non-subscription (one-time) transactions. Typically, “value” is the total revenue (recognizable or not) associated with each transaction, as opposed to amount invoiced in the period. However, since there is no standard definition for…

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