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Renewal Bookings

What are Renewal Bookings in a SaaS business? Renewal Bookings typically refers to the portion of bookings attributed to existing contracts. The Renewal Bookings is usually taken at the time of the effective renewal date, but might be taken as of the renewal order date (date the renewal order is received or legally binding in…

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SaaS Renewal Rate

What is SaaS Renewal Rate? Renewal Rate is measure of retention. Renewal rate is expressed as a percentage.  Renewal Rate can mean different things to different people. For instance: Customer Renewal Rate is a rate of renewal of customers, typically using a count of customers that cancelled and those that did not Revenue Renewal Rate is…

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Life Cycle Renewal Rate

Life Cycle Renewal Rate The Life Cycle Renewal Rate Curve is the plot of the renewal rates throughout the customer contract life cycle for a like group of contracts. Most frequently, the like group is a “class of” group, meaning sold in the same time period or in the same relative term. as seen below.…

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MRR Renewal Rate

What is MRR Renewal Rate and why is it important to a SaaS Business? Renewal Rate is measure of retention, expressed as a percentage. MRR Renewal Rate is a rate of renewal of MRR, a normalized revenue number assigned to recurring revenue transactions.

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