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Financial Metrics

MRR Should Really be Called 'MRRR' Due to GAAP Accounting Rules

Most people in the SaaS world know MRR stands for "monthly recurring revenue." What many do not know is that despite having the word "revenue" in it, ...

Financial Metrics

Answers to Common Questions about MRR and ARR

MRR is the most popular method of normalizing recurring revenues for subscription analytics. Normalized revenue provides a clearer picture of performa...

Financial Metrics

Revenue Growth Metrics and KPIs that Matter to Investors (Part 1)

If you sat down with an investor today, do you know what kind of metrics and KPIs they'd want to see for your SaaS or subscription-based business? See...

Financial Metrics

Customer Success Metrics and KPIs that Matter to Investors (Part 2)

Customer success is key to growing your SaaS business. That's why investors care about your customer success metrics (and more).  In the second half o...

Financial Metrics

Don’t Ignore SaaS Metrics in Early Stage Success

Several months ago, I met an entrepreneur with a high-growth SaaS business. Being in the business of selling tools to measure subscription business me...

Financial Metrics

Buttoned Up Revenue Recognition Metrics for SaaS Businesses

Chance are, your early-stage SaaS business has a business-casual dress policy, but your financial metrics still need a buttoned-up Wall Street polish ...

Financial Metrics

Fine-Tune Your SaaS Business with CLV Metrics

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most critical metrics used to evaluate a SaaS company’s financial health and to predict its future success...