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Top 3 Takeaways from Venture Atlanta 2016

Last week, SaaSOptics attended and presented at Venture Atlanta, the premier investor conference in the Southeast. The conference is attended by technology entrepreneurs and investors from across the country who are interested in supporting emerging technology companies. There are also two categories of companies that are selected to pitch to these entrepreneurs and investors. SaaSOptics was proud to be selected as a Venture Spotlight Company. We had the opportunity to hear from 32 other growing SaaS companies as well as excellent panels from successful founders and venture capitalists. 

Here are our three takeaways for any growing SaaS and subscription business:

1. Be Unconventional

Jay Simons is the President of Atlassian, one of the most successful software companies worldwide. At the heart of Atlassian is passion to be unconventional. The best example is found in their company values. Every company has a set of values around work, culture and leadership. For Atlassian, this is no different. However, they sought to create values that their employees would personally own. No corporate buzzwords. No clichés. Check out their company page for more details.

2. Be Obsessed

Tom Noonan is a founding partner of TechOperators LLC, an early stage technology investment firm in Atlanta. During an afternoon panel, Tom was asked why he walks away from a company or a leadership team. His answer: A lack of obsession (or more professionally put, focus). Tom looks for an entrepreneur with an obsessive focus. Why is this important? Because that obsession from a leader will ultimately be shared by the whole team. It will produce a passion from the product development team and into the front lines with the sales team. In the technology market, there is no room for a company that blends in.

3. Be Ready

Selfishly, this was our favorite takeaway from Venture Atlanta. During a panel focusing on the merger, acquisition and exit environment, Jeff Babka, Partner at Insight Venture Partners, spoke on the importance of “being ready.” He spoke specifically around how your business recognizes revenue. Jeff said that “correct revenue recognition provides predictability and transparency for your business. The last thing an investor wants is a surprise.” Adding to that, correct revenue recognition provides accurate reporting and analytics. When your financial processes are mature and buttoned up, investors can predict growth and success with confidence.

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