Why We Redesigned Our Website in 7 Weeks

We work with growing B2B SaaS businesses, and the truth is we’re one, too. That means, just like you, we sometimes need to take a fresh look at our online web presence from our users’ perspective. In the past few months, we realized we needed to make several changes: Improve user experiences, update how we talk about SaaSOptics and move to a mobile-first approach due to recent Google algorithm prioritization.

Seven weeks later, here we are. We have a new website, completely redesigned with user-friendly design, focused messaging and the latest optimization for search engines. 

It was an incredible team effort and a big project to undertake, but improving user experience and messaging across the board was worth it. Here’s what you can now find front and center on the new website, and a huge thank you to everyone involved and for all the feedback we’ve received.  

You Get The Entire Platform, Not Pieces or Modules

This is one of the many ways we’re different. SaaSOptics is one platform that includes comprehensive revenue recognition, subscription billing and payments, orders and renewals, metrics and analytics and role-based dashboards up front. You get a lot from the get-go, and while you might not use every feature to automate your financial operations at first, you will have it already built into your system when you need it. Getting everything in one platform up front means you can grow seamlessly from startup to beyond.

That wasn’t immediately evident in our previous website. We learned this by listening to our customers and prospects and keeping an open mind about what language we use to describe our platform. When we started the website redesign, we focused on finding ways to highlight our holistic platform with updated messaging and a new platform page that provides a high-level overview with visuals to help explain what we do.

The bottom line here is to listen to your customers and prospects. It’s easy to get into a pigeonhole of how you discuss your value or the benefits to your customers. Taking a step back and seeing things from your users’ perspective can breathe life into stale content. That’s what we found.

Complete subscription management in one platform


Grow from Startup to Beyond

If you’re a B2B SaaS business using a general ledger like QuickBooks or any boxed general ledger, you’re likely struggling with its lack of functionality, which SaaSOptics is well known for solving. 

However, we don’t just extend the life of your general ledger by automating subscription management; we also work with ERPs like NetSuite and Intacct. As your business becomes more mature, you may need multi-entity international consolidations or more granular expense management controls, which is when an ERP makes sense. SaaSOptics’ flexibility allows you to expand to an ERP as we continue providing the dependable subscription management your business needs.

That’s the story of our customer’s journey with SaaSOptics: Automating financial operations from startup to exit. Building that into our website, story and branding is essential because that’s who we are. New pages and a dedicated section on our platform overview page now explain that narrative fully.

SaaSOptics from startup to exit

See User-specific Benefits for CEOs, CFOs, Controllers

Depending on your role at your company, you will have distinct priorities that influence what you’ll need from your financial operations platform. And you’ll use SaaSOptics in different ways. 

It was important for us, then, to highlight those differences and explain the benefits for key groups across companies. To do that, we built new pages that look at the benefits of SaaSOptics from a user’s perspective. Here’s what we ended up with:

  • Benefits for CEOs: Get critical business insights to help you get (and stay) funded.
  • Benefits for CFOs: Financial excellence for audits, investment conversations and closing the books.
  • Benefits for VPs, Bookkeepers and Controllers: Streamline your workflow so you can focus on high-impact work.

If you’re familiar with sales/marketing personas, this isn’t a new concept. Essentially, we expanded it from an internal document describing categories of customers that focus on “who are we targeting” to being very honest with our users on “what you’ll get out of SaaSOptics.”

A customer-first focus drives us to translate sales/marketing best practices that were built for “clients” and a different business model into experiences that are best for our customers.

transform financial operations for your whole team

Experience Faster Browsing with Fully Optimized Pages

Another big reason we chose to redesign our website has to do with the changes Google introduced earlier this year that prioritize responsive web design. The top search results for almost any keyword or phrase are now responsive websites that provide a great user experience on your mobile phone. Since it’s important for us to be easy to find on search engines, this became a top priority to improve our organic traffic. While we technically already had a mobile site, it was slower than we wanted and not all pages looked great on mobile.

There are also other compelling reasons to move to a more optimized responsive web design. “At least 82% of people tend to use their phones for business activities,” and “94% of others say they didn’t trust a website because of its design,” which translates into compelling reasons to have a mobile friendly site our visitors will trust. 

For SaaS businesses like us, investing in high-quality content and easy-to-find resources is a must. We want to provide the knowledge and insights our visitors and customers need to build their businesses and grow — but you need to be able to find us. Staying on top of SEO and website best practices is therefore essential.


Join Our Partner Program

The new partner program is not exactly a reason why we redesigned our website, but it is an important new addition. So, yes, this is a shameless plug. We partner with finance or business advisors, technology consultants, investors, or systems integrators who consult on and integrate general ledgers, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other financial services applications. Check it out here.

Become a SaaSOptics partner

It’s a Great Time to Be at SaaSOptics

SaaSOptics_Team-1I’ve been at SaaSOptics for more than two years now. We’re growing, evolving and holding fast to our customer-first focus. We have a talented, agile and dedicated team, and I will tell anyone who asks that this is an amazing place to work.

We wouldn’t be here without our team or our more than 500 customers who motivate us every day to continue to transform financial operations for B2B SaaS businesses. 

Our new website reflects our mission, puts users first and is optimized for organic search. That’s a win in my book and a great step to launch us into even bigger things in 2019.

If you want to see what we’re all about, dive into our website. If you have any feedback or want to start a conversation, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!