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Site Reliability Engineer – Cloud Operations

Job description

We are looking for an exceptional Site Reliability Engineer to maintain and continually improve our cloud-based applications.  Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is what you get when you treat system operations as a software engineering problem. The mission of the Site Reliability Engineer is to ensure uninterrupted service for SaaSOptics customers and act as a force multiplier for SaaSOptics product teams to deliver better software faster.

The SRE team builds foundational backend services as well as tooling and automation to allow product teams to release and scale their software reliably and predictably. SREs are team players who embed themselves within product teams as needed to advance the architecture and performance of software systems and train their peers in topics such as debugging distributed systems, building self-healing applications, and ensuring availability to fuel the company’s growth.


  • Operate, monitor, and maintain high availability of software service for SaaSOptics product running in a multi-region AWS cloud environment
  • Continue to automate, scale, and manage our AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Work with team to establish service level objectives and monitor to ensure the objectives are met
  • Continually improve cloud operations automation and tooling to monitor and maintain enterprise cloud-based applications
  • Troubleshoot infrastructure and application issues, and work with the development team to resolve issues
  • Identify and improve on possible points of failure in the infrastructure/applications
  • Execute automation for known cloud-operations tasks, and create new automation for new situations or issues you encounter; automate everything
  • Collaborate with a great team to maintain, monitor, and improve amazing cloud-based-applications that solve real-world problems for end users
  • Facilitate blame-free root cause analysis meetings in the event of a production-systems incident so that the team can learn from mistakes and improve our systems and run books
  • Participate in stress, security, and performance testing
  • Be Vigilant about security and adhere to best practices to secure our cloud infrastructure and real-time platform
  • Design, write and deliver software and automation to dramatically improve the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of SaaSOptics services
  • Plan and perform security patches on our applications and underlying infrastructure
  • Help secure our data and access policies to reduce risk
  • Take pride in the quality of your code, the work it takes to make great software, and the value delivered to the end-user
  • Troubleshoot application-related support requests to locate the problem area, resolve those which are within your skill set, and forward the others to the appropriate staff
  • Perform application-related operations and management tasks to provision new customers, address operational requests, and keep the application running efficiently and effectively

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Minimum Qualifications

  • Deep understanding of AWS cloud services and how to leverage them for compute, storage, and managed services including, but not limited to databases, managed Kubernetes, and Python/Django application services.
  • Experienced with modern DevOps engineering practices and comfortable with diverse technical problem sets, across the entire technology stack, including the virtualized hardware
  • Possess a deep understanding of the Linux operating system and are at home on the command line / terminal at your workstation
  • Versed in infrastructure as code practices using technologies like Terraform, etc.
  • Familiar with tools like Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and leveraging those tools for configuration automation
  • Proficient in scripting and developing automation in Python and bash, or similar programming languages
  • Used to keeping everything you do in source control (mercurial) and automating (scripting) any task you have to do more than once
  • Understand modern approaches to software security – and know what needs to be done to secure software systems and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Equipped with a proactive security mindset, and a solid understanding of information security and privacy principles
  • Experienced in protecting modern, cloud-hosted operating environments using defense-in-depth strategies
  • Comfortable operating in environments subject to regulatory, compliance, and risk-based security requirements
  • Able to effectively trouble-shoot issues across the entire stack from UI- > API – > Application – > Database, including the operating system and the underlying (virtual) hardware
  • Enthusiastic about cutting-edge technologies and fresh challenges that come with them
  • Possesses service and customer-oriented mindset and a willingness to dig into the application rather than throw the problem over the wall

Ideal Qualifications

  • Experienced using Kubernetes and related technologies (such as Docker) for application orchestration
  • Excited about monitoring technologies, the metrics they provide, and using the data to extract information about the performance characteristics, and error modes of a cloud-based software stack
  • Proficient as a developer, experienced writing code and solving problems in Python
  • Experienced maintaining and supporting feature-rich applications using modern software frameworks such as Django, Spring-Boot, Flask, etc.
  • Understanding of computer networking and how it applies in cloud environments
  • Related technical experience in cybersecurity, preferably in a cloud environment
  • Experience securing corporate networks, cloud networks, and VPNs.
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Electrical Engineering, or another scientific or technical discipline

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