SaaS Contract Management

Financial Insight for Everyone

Widgets and syncs push renewals and financial data into CRM.

Answer sales and service team inquiries all day without lifting a finger.

Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

What Customers Say:

Deliver Customer Financial Insight to Everyone

  • Stop Wasting Time with Ad-hoc Sales Inquiries
  • Provide Insight via the Salesforce UI
  • Share Payment Statuses, ARR, MRR, Open Balances, and More

CRM users can see account data with MRR, ARR, total balance of accounts receivable, and open invoices with invoice and transaction details. Sales and services can now do it themselves.

Overview Video

1 Minute of Executive Summary, 1 Minute of Process, and 5 Minutes of Screens.

What Customers Say:

Customers and Renewals: Salesforce Widget

The screen below is where our widget fits inside CRM, on the Account.

In the widget, can see MRR and ARR for the end of the month.

You can also see the total accounts receivable balance and open invoice information.

Saas Contract Management

What Customers Say:


Customers and Renewals: SaaSOptics Data Inside CRM

When SaaSOptics is integrated, data is brought over to

Below, you can see two SaaSOptics panels. The first shows an invoice list with one invoice.

In the second panel, transactions (i.e. representing contract elements) are listed.

Saas Contract Management

What Customers Say:

Make Finance Data Available in Existing CRM Reports

  • Stop VLOOKUPS across CRM and GL
  • Push Financials Data into
  • Report on Open Invoices, ARR, and more

When SaaSOptics data is pushed into CRM, you can use native Salesforce reports on it. Reports now include accurate order, revenue, invoice, contract, payment, and collections data.

In-Depth Demo Video

This video covers how you can process sales orders from

It also shows how we automatically create customer, contract, revenue recognition, and invoices.

What Customers Say:

Sync Data across CRM, GL, and SaaSOptics

  • Manually Combining Data Silos takes a lot of Work
  • Sync Customers, Opportunities, and Orders
  • Keep Track of Post-Sales Changes

SaaSOptics syncs with CRM for sales orders, customer data, financial records, and renewal opportunities. Syncs with GL include customer data, orders, invoices, payments, and more.

Customers and Renewals: Integration Across Systems


When SaaSOptics is integrated, the customer screen shows all key integration IDs.

In the screen below, you can see IDs for QuickBooks, Salesforce, Intacct, and NetSuite.

Everywhere there is a link, you can click, and a new window will open with the target app and the specific record.

Saas Contract Management

What Customers Say:


Customers and Renewals: Automated Renewals

An automated renewal opportunity is shown below.

Based on dates and automation rules inside SaaSOptics, these are created and pushed to CRM.

As shown below, key information (e.g. amounts and products) are included in the creation of the opportunity.

Saas Contract Management 

What Customers Say:

Ensure Renewals Happen Every Day

  • Never let Money Fall thru the Cracks
  • Push Renewal Opportunities to CRM
  • Configure Rules to Sell Proactively

Trigger renewal opportunities to start weeks or months in advance. Ensure satisfaction ahead of contract end date. Keep raising your customer LTV to improve your valuation.

Get Systems Integrated in 10 Minutes

  • No Need to Hire Developers
  • Set Up Integrations in 10 Minutes
  • Sync Orders, Financials, Payments, & More

Experienced GL users will experience a well-designed integration. And, CRM administrators will find our managed package is straightforward to setup and maintain.

Customers and Renewals: Integrations with CRM and GL


In the screen below, you can see integration settings with a series of tabs across the top.

Here you configure syncs, account and order mappings, and pushing financials and renewals to CRM from SaaSOptics.

Order mappings are shown. No IT, no admin, and no coding is required.  It also works well when CRM has messy data.

Saas Contract Management

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