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Financial Metrics

Churn Profiles: Segmenting Your Customer Base The Correct Way

On our recent episode of the Get Funded, Stay Funded Podcast, we discuss this topic with Chief Customer Officer and Co-founder, Clayton Whitfield. In the B2B SaaS / Subscription world, you rarely have a completely homogenous customer base. Churn Profiles are simply the analytical manifestation of the reality that B2B SaaS/Subscription customers will likely churn…

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MRR Should Really be Called ‘MRRR’ Due to GAAP Accounting Rules

Most people in the SaaS world know MRR stands for “monthly recurring revenue.” What many do not know is that despite having the word “revenue” in it, MRR is not actually revenue. MRR could be more accurately described as “MRRR” or monthly recurring revenue representation. MRR is a normalized number that provides a good representation of your…

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Customer Success Metrics and KPIs that Matter to Investors (Part 2)

Customer success is key to growing your SaaS business. That’s why investors care about your customer success metrics (and more). In the second half of our two-part blog series, we’re sharing insights from investors about SaaS customer success metrics. We also share the context around each metric so you understand why they’re important for your…

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Fine-Tune Your SaaS Business with CLV Metrics

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is one of the most critical metrics used to evaluate a SaaS company’s financial health and to predict its future success. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the trickiest things to measure. Traditional business metrics fail to capture the key factors that drive SaaS performance. With revenue coming in over an extended…

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Buttoned Up Revenue Recognition Metrics for SaaS Businesses

Chance are, your early-stage SaaS business has a business-casual dress policy, but your financial metrics still need a buttoned-up Wall Street polish to attract savvy investors or potential acquirers. Much like a bespoke power suit would break the clothing allowance, powerful financial management suites are far too expensive to install and implement just to gain…

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