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Graduate from Spreadsheets: How to scale Financial Operations alongside your B2B SaaS Business

If your B2B SaaS company is experiencing skyrocketing growth, it may be time to check in on your finance team. With an overwhelming amount of work to do, and oftentimes the last department to get more headcount, it can be a challenge to scale FinOps at the same rate as your business.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to combat three major challenges that small Finance teams face during growth – from revenue recognition in spreadsheets, processing orders and invoices quickly and accurately, to responding to report requests at key financial milestones and more.


  • Chris Weber, VP of Operations, SaaSOptics
  • Charles Dye, Sr. Accountant & Financial Analyst, SaaSOptics

Learn 3 ways to streamline financial operations to take the burden off your finance team:

  • Optimize order-to-cash to increase cash flow
  • Automate revenue recognition to gain accurate GAAP-compliant, investor-grade reporting
  • Quickly respond to boards, auditors, and investors with accurate data analytics

Download the slides here.



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