Is Your SaaS or Subscription Business Outgrowing QuickBooks?

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There's an Alternative Approach to ERPs

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There are five main reasons B2B SaaS or subscription-based businesses look for alternatives to QuickBooks. But the truth is solutions exist that address each challenge and make it possible to not only delay an ERP but to thrive until the move is right. 

How many of these challenges do you face?

  1. GAAP-compliant revenue recognition and deferred revenue management
  2. Managing your recurring/subscription billing
  3. Generating reliable SaaS metrics
  4. Connecting your CRM and keeping a single source of truth
  5. Fighting silent failures

QuickBooks does many things well, but it doesn’t efficiently manage subscription revenue recognition or subscription billing, especially if you have sales-negotiated contracts.

It also doesn’t provide all the essential SaaS metrics and analytics necessary to manage, grow and retain customers or connect with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.