Tax Planning for SaaS Companies in 2018

Tax Planning for SaaS Companies in 2018

With the Tax Cut and Jobs Act tax law passed in 2017 starting to take effect and with 2017 tax preparation in process, Steve Sehy from CaaS for SaaS CFO Services, and Tim DuVall, a tax partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller CPA firm, have teamed up to put together a targeted presentation specifically for SaaS companies.

Download the slides here.

This webinar will give you a summary of key tax information that any SaaS manager should know and cover the Federal tax aspects of:

  • Ongoing investments and expenses (including Interest expense)
  • The R&D Tax Credit
  • Convertible Debt Transactions
  • Stock Issuance Transactions
  • C corporation vs. Pass Through (S Corporation or LLC) Transactions
    • Including an analysis of which provides the lowest overall tax cost in a SaaS situation
  • Stock Option Transactions

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