Integrating SaaSOptics with Salesforce

Connect SaaSOptics with Salesforce to drive full visibility across your sales, customer success and finance teams. With our bi-directional sync, pull new sales orders into SaaSOptics with items, amounts and sales-negotiated terms. Create renewal opportunities using SaaSOptics to populate Salesforce with reminders for sales and account management, and sync back important finance details like invoices, payments and subscription metrics that filter into Salesforce reporting.

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Work Seamlessly Across SaaSOptics and Salesforce

With SaaSOptics' integration with Salesforce, you have the ability to make changes in either system and maintain situational awareness for all teams. When finance inputs renewal terms that create an uplift in the future transaction amount, the new opportunity amount will flow through to Salesforce. When your sales or customer success teams process an upgrade or add-on, changes to the existing contract flow through to SaaSOptics to be processed by finance.

Benefits of Integrating SaaSOptics with Salesforce:

  • Automate the entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process
  • Simplify add-ons and upgrade orders
  • Increase renewal rates
  • View accurate financial records in your CRM

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