Stripe, Plaid & SaaSOptics

Using Stripe with SaaSOptics

SaaSOptics provides two great integration options with Stripe.

Revenue and Analytics for Stripe

If you have built your subscription business around Stripe's subscription management functions, you are probably very happy with the payments functionality, but may still be running rev rec or analytics with a spreadsheet. This integration was designed to provide robust revenue, deferred revenue, and financial reporting on your Stripe subscriptions and one time charges. And to provide churn, retention, cohort, CLV and more critical SaaS metrics with SaaSOptics' best of bread subscription analytics reporting.

Stripe for Payments

Comfortable with Stripe as a payment solution? You will love the fully integrated credit card and ACH payment functions (including support for Plaid) that enable your customers to pay SaaSOptics invoices electronically. And you will love how the invoices, payments, and deposits flow from Stripe into SaaSOptics and to your connected GL.


Benefits of Integrating SaaSOptics with Stripe

By integrating Stripe with SaaSOptics, you improve the customer experience of working with your finance team, reduce friction and simplify your entire subscription management workflow. SaaSOptics pulls your plans, customers and invoices from Stripe and builds transactions and revenues that can be used for financial reporting and subscription analytics. Once your Stripe data is in SaaSOptics, you can sync the data to your general ledger or other integrated system.

Where SaaSOptics can help: 

  • Simplify customer payments by providing click-to-pay links directly on e-invoices
  • Access subscription analytics and metrics based on your recurring transactions
  • Ensures automatic payments are handled with ease
  • Improve accounts receivable (A/R) management, collections and payments for rejected and past-due invoices

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