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Efficiencies and insights that are pivotal to your business.

Remaining operationally excellent is critical as you seek late funding rounds, an acquisition or maybe an IPO. With thousands of customers on varying products and contract terms, ensuring GAAP compliance, being prepared for an audit and accessing reports and analytics quickly are critical for defending your valuation and ensuring the financial security for your organization.

Demands throughout the organization for complex insights on subscription metrics and analytics become more constant with growth. Investors and board members aren’t the only ones who need a clear grasp on performance – executives making complex operational decisions, product teams observing market trends and the finance teams analyzing company performance require complex data available out-of-the-box with SaaSOptics.

The sales-to-finance chasm can get expansive when your CRM doesn’t talk to your subscription management workflow. SaaSOptics bi-directional integration with leading CRMs like Salesforce feeds sales order terms into SaaSOptics so you can process business correctly every time, and important contract, transaction, invoice and renewal terms are pushed back to Salesforce to ensure visibility across the entire organization.

ERPs check the boxes on your income operations, but too many controls and too little flexibility can mean you’re stuck with billing processes and e-invoices that get the job done, but don’t do it right for subscription businesses. You don’t have to sacrifice operational excellence in your billing when SaaSOptics can manage everything from invoice to collections with better visibility, flexibility and effectiveness.

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Complete Subscription Management for Mature Companies

Mature SaaS organizations have complex financial processes that often require cumbersome tools like ERPs to handle multi-entity and geographically diverse operations. They’re not built to handle the intricacies of subscription contracts, billing or metrics, and that’s where SaaSOptics can help. We improve the areas of friction that can’t be addressed by your other technology solutions to improve integrity, efficiency and access to your data.

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Remove Risk from Broken Financial Operations Processes

SaaSOptics does more than check all the boxes on what you need to manage your complete order-to-cash-to-renewal process. We’re built to address areas of risk in your financial operations excellence, ensuring you have the subscription metrics and analytics you need and the financial integrity to back them up.

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