Customer Relationship Management

RevOps + FinOps

Connect Finance to Sales and Services.

Sync Data between CRM, SaaSOptics, and GLs.


CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive

Never Re-Key Orders Again

Tired of taking closed-won opportunities and manually entering them in SaaSOptics? Are you spending too much time processing orders, rev rec, and invoices? With this Module, you can automatically push data from CRM to SaaSOptics, automatically create revenue recognition schedules, and automatically set up invoice schedules—all in under a minute.


  • Reduce time spent re-keying CRM data and creating inaccuracies
  • Effectively scale the finance team through order processing automation and order-to-cash effectiveness
  • Increase order volumes (from $1M to $100M AR) without increasing finance headcount
  • Provide integration between CRM and GL data then report on the entire data set
  • Ensure you never miss an invoice while maintaining GAAP compliance

How It Works

When your sales team marks opportunities as won, a sales order is automatically pushed to the SaaSOptics order processing queue. Then, finance teams can manually, semi-automatically, or automatically match the account data and process the orders. In minutes, invoice schedules, revenue recognition schedules, and all downstream order to cash automation are in place. Lastly, both renewal and finance data can be pushed back to CRM, and all key data is kept in sync.


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