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We get it. Managing financial operations at a B2B SaaS business is unique. Because you might negotiate sales, recognize revenue and bill customers differently, other subscription management platforms aren’t going to be flexible enough to handle the complexity of your financial operations without creating workarounds.

That’s not the case with SaaSOptics. We’re built from the ground up for B2B SaaS businesses like yours to streamline your processes, recognize revenue correctly and provide the trusted metrics and analytics you need.


Flexibility for Growth

Grow freely without constraints to your financial operations by streamlining your day-to-day subscription management and integrating directly with popular financial systems.

Fast Implementation

Get up and running quickly in as little as four-to-six weeks with in-house implementation and streamlined on-boarding. No more manual processes or disconnected spreadsheets.

Expert Assistance

Troubleshoot issues with expert customer support. Our Atlanta-based team is fast to respond and provides in-depth support to help you now and down the road.

Affordable Pricing

Save with affordable pricing built for growing businesses because complete subscription management should be accessible for all B2B SaaS businesses — large or small.

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Complete Subscription Management in One Platform

We streamline everything your B2B SaaS business does to turn sales orders into recurring revenue streams. With one platform, you can process sales orders into GAAP-compliant transactions with flexible revenue schedules, invoice customers based on sales-negotiated terms, collect cash from subscriptions, manage renewals and generate the metrics and analytics that help you get (and stay) funded. Do all this with one integrated platform: SaaSOptics.

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Transform Financial Operations for Your Whole Team

Benefits for CEOs

SaaSOptics helps you get and stay funded by proving best-in-class subscription metrics and analytics out-of-the-box. You have every measure of success at your fingertips for board meetings, executive presentations and funding conversations.

Role-based dashboards allow you to run on-demand health checks and give real-time updates with complete assurance of the validity of your data. Never again rely on spreadsheets and other resources with multiple points of failure to generate the metrics you need.

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Benefits for CFOs

Your entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process is buttoned up with SaaSOptics. Automatically generate GAAP-compliant revenue schedules for every new sales order your team processes to generate water-tight finance reports and pass audits with ease.

With SaaSOptics, you have the controls to reduce your outstanding accounts receivables balance by 50 percent with processes that minimize risk and improve cash flow to extend your runway.

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Benefits for Controllers, Accountants & Bookkeepers

Checks and balances in SaaSOptics ensure your revenue numbers are always in alignment. Recognizable revenue, deferred revenue and unbilled accrued revenue are generated automatically, and alerts let you know when your revenue schedules fall out-of-balance with transaction or invoice item totals.

Your complete billing, accounts receivables and collections workflows are streamlined, too, allowing you to send customized invoices automatically and follow up proactively with outstanding accounts receivables.

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SaaSOptics is built for emerging and growing B2B subscription businesses, from $0-$100M in annual recurring revenue. We grow with you as you do.

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The Bottom Line

Your financial operations aren’t simple, but too many “solutions” create even more complexity, burdensome processes and workarounds. That’s not what we do. We give you the best processes, support and integrations you need to make your business scalable as you grow — at a price you can afford.



Manage your entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process in a single interface.



Get up and running quickly in four to six weeks with ongoing access to our support experts.



Connect key systems with SaaSOptics as your financial operations system of record.

Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?

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What our Customers are Saying

More than 450 B2B SaaS and subscription-based businesses trust SaaSOptics to modernize their financial operations.

"We know how SaaSOptics can impact business decisions and fundraising. Most importantly, I trust the data in SaaSOptics, the executive team trusts it, the board trusts it, auditors trust it, and investors trust it."

Amar Shrivastava

Vice President Finance

"SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time."

Eric Rosenberg

Sr. Manager - Financial Planning & Analysis

“With SaaSOptics, we’re able to bring our clients a much higher level of service and intelligence so they are no longer making decisions in the dark. They are making informed decisions and in most cases, for the first time in the business. It’s pretty powerful.”

Ben Robinson

Managing Partner

"With SaaSOptics, I have a reliable method for computing and tracking revenue and deferred revenue, and also fantastic metrics I can use to understand our business as we grow. It's really working great for us! Plus the support is fantastic."

Dawn Crew

Director of Finance

“One of the most important things we’ve done is take a strategic, long-term view of our finance operations. SaaSOptics has taken the headache out of running much of the finance operations of our SaaS business and will be an important part of our future growth and success.”

Mark Pocock

Chief Financial Officer

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