General Ledgers


SaaSOptics is optimized for B2B SaaS businesses of any scale. As your operations become more complex and you move between general ledgers, we make sure you never sacrifice workflow efficiency and the integrity of your subscription revenue records.

GAAP-compliant revenue recognition

Invoice scheduling and highly customizable e-invoicing

Milestone-based revenue and invoice management

Out-of-the-box subscription metrics and analytics

Accounts receivables and collections management

Whatever your need, SaaSOptics can configure a solution to fill the gaps in your financial technology.

Direct Integrations

Looking for something else?

You can use SaaSOptics alongside any general ledger, not just those listed above. We manage your entire order-to-cash-to-renewal process and provide the financial reporting needed to reconcile debits, credits and payments with whatever general ledger you use.

Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?