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Integrating SaaSOptics with Stripe

SaaSOptics allows you to leverage Stripe for everything it excels at – providing a PCI-compliant way to process customer payments – and streamlines the rest, managing the entire order-to-revenue process. With SaaSOptics' e-invoicing functionality, you can automatically generate and send customizable, itemized and branded invoices to customers with click-to-pay via Stripe capability directly in the email.


Benefits of Integrating SaaSOptics with Stripe

By integrating Stripe with SaaSOptics, you improve the customer experience of working with your finance team, reduce friction and simplify your entire subscription management workflow. SaaSOptics pulls your plans, customers and invoices from Stripe and builds transactions and revenues that can be used for financial reporting and subscription analytics. Once your Stripe data is in SaaSOptics, you can sync the data to your general ledger or other integrated system.

Where SaaSOptics can help: 

  • Simplify customer payments by providing click-to-pay links directly on e-invoices
  • Access subscription analytics and metrics based on your recurring transactions
  • Ensures automatic payments are handled with ease
  • Improve accounts receivable (A/R) management, collections and payments for rejected and past-due invoices

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