Revenue Recognition

Benefits of Revenue Recognition with SaaSOptics

GAAP-Compliant Revenue Recognition for Sales Negotiated Contracts

Buttoned-up revenue recognition is at the foundation of generating high-integrity reports and analytics. Because SaaSOptics is the only subscription management system built for B2B SaaS businesses, we can help you navigate complex revenue recognition scenarios.

Milestone-Based Revenue Recognition for Complex Customer Engagements

Manage delayed or inconsistent revenue recognition scenarios with ease in SaaSOptics. Create templates that align with how and when you will invoice customers and recognize revenue based on milestones over the course of the customer relationship.

Responsive Management of Your Most Important Financial Data

Your revenue schedules and reportable revenue are critical to your board, investors and auditors. Trust your data with SaaSOptics.

Complete Revenue Numbers

Capture recognizable revenue, deferred revenue and unbilled accrued revenue automatically.

GAAP-Compliant Revenue

We accommodate 26 methods of revenue recognition to fit your standards and practices.

Project Milestones

Don't sweat compliance with complex onboarding scenarios and services engagements.

Multi-Currency Support

All transactions and revenue schedules reflect your home currency and your selected local currency.

Recasting Revenue

Don't get bogged down by contract changes that create headaches during audits & closes.

Out-of-Balance Alerts

Adjust differences in transactions, revenue and invoice amounts proactively before you prepare your reports.

Ready to start modernizing your financial operations?