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Role-Based Dashboards

Benefits of Role-Based Dashboards with SaaSOptics

All Your KPIs in a Single View

From upcoming invoices and renewals to subscription momentum trends, access snapshots of your financial performance anytime. Our dashboard builder pulls together every metric you need to see in one page. Easily tackle daily finance tasks with reminders to manage renewals, billing and collections, capture account balances for journal entries and monitor changes to metrics like ARR, churn and CLV.


Real-time Metrics Your Executives Can Access 24/7

Board meetings and executive presentations don’t have to derail your finance team. Give your leadership team custom dashboards so they have the information they need when they need it. Set up custom views that show your C-level, sales, marketing and product executives the numbers they need on-demand to inform and defend their strategic decision making.


You’re Never in the Dark with SaaSOptics

Shine a light on every measure of success for your financial operations.

Resolve Alerts & Issues

Access every item that needs attention from list views on your dashboard.

Comprehensive Metrics & Analytics

Your important subscription metrics and reports live in your dashboard view, updating daily.

Timely Financial Reports

Stay up-to-date on all of your revenue reporting and journal entries affected by subscriptions.

Manage Renewals

See what transactions are coming up for manual or auto-renewal in the near future.

Drag & Drop Widgets

Customize dashboards by dropping templates, reports and widgets from the dashboard builder.

Visualize Performance

Add charts and graphs built from your subscription analytics so you can monitor trends visually.

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