Metrics & Analytics

Benefits of Metrics & Analytics with SaaSOptics

Detailed Reports Built Specifically for B2B Subscription Businesses

SaaSOptics’ out-of-the-box reports capture the important trends in your subscriptions and annual recurring revenue (ARR). You’ll never have to rely on spreadsheets or question the accuracy of your reports again. Our metrics and analytics are tied directly into your contract elements and revenue schedules, automating difficult and time-consuming work and ensuring accuracy in every calculation.

Get and Stay Funded with SaaSOptics

Have the power to be immediately responsive to investor and board demands for analytics. SaaSOptics gives you real-time, comprehensive and accurate subscription metrics and analytics that support investor confidence, eliminate risk and help you capture a higher valuation.

You Need Comprehensive Analytics

Our reports take you from the 30,000-foot view to the individual transactions within a single customer contract.

Subscription Momentum

Get the most comprehensive vantage point on your business by seeing how your metrics trend over time in a single view.


Compare the performance of like sales over time to understand strengths and weaknesses in your addressable market.

Churn & Retention Rates

Maintain a strong base for ARR growth by closely monitoring and measuring how your subscriptions renew.


View every contract or sales order for better visibility on the individual transactions that make up your recurring revenue.


Using your existing transactions and revenue, generate scenarios that allow you to see how your ARR can trend moving forward.

Top Customers

Keep a constant focus on the customers that present the biggest risk and reward in your subscription revenue.

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