Early Stage Pricing

Quarterly Subscription Fees

Your quarterly fee is based on your trailing 3 months revenues in your local currency. Your fee is fixed per quarter, but the fee is determined based on your previous quarter revenues. All fees are in your local currency. Asia-based companies please call for a quote.
When your trailing 3 months revenues exceed 500K, you must change to the Emerging/Growth & Enterprise Program.

Early Stage Business Solution Overview

The SaaSOptics Early Stage solution is exclusively for subscription businesses under 1MM in revenue. You are busy establishing your business, so we keep this program simple and affordable.

Your Subscription Business
  • You must be a B2B business - SaaSOptics is not a B2C subscription management solution
  • You must be less than 3 years since formation - you can’t be a make-over
  • You must use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop (can be hosted)
  • Your reportable revenue in the trailing twelve months must be under 1MM in your local currency when you enter the program
Your SaaSOptics Subscription
  • Includes QuickBooks Integration
  • Quarterly Subscription Term
  • Paid via credit card only
  • Full subscription analytics, invoicing, and revenue recognition
  • Unlimited users
  • Regular and frequent application upgrades
  • Salesforce, Stripe, and Recurly Connectors are optional
Your SaaSOptics Training & Implementation
  • Free self-study, online training materials and dedicated training accounts for two users at no charge
  • Self-implementation only
  • Access to technical support via email only and only for technical problems and issues for designated Administrator who must maintain passing scores on all required Competency Exams.
  • Access to training seminars and product management events


The primary work involved in an implementation is the creation of historic subscription records and revenue records from invoice and contract history. For emerging businesses, the history can be extensive and complicated.

As an early stage business, you should largely be free of such complications, and should be able to self implement. Self implementation largely means that you will build your subscription and transaction history within the application using functions within the application itself.

Read more about self Implementation.
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