SaaSOptics Pricing

The Complete Subscription Management Platform
for Your Growing B2B SaaS or Subscription Business

SaaSOptics license fee is based on your trailing-twelve-months revenue and is billed upfront annually.
Your fee is fixed during each term and adjusts at your renewal date based on your trailing-twelve-months revenue. 

Our plans scale as you grow from pre-revenue to over $100M in revenue. 

Included with Emerging to Enterprise Pricing

Core SaaSOptics Functionality

Order and Renewal Management ✓ Create customers, contracts, transactions, revenues and invoices 
✓ Manage upgrades, downgrades, co-terms and other contract changes
✓ Generate renewal transactions (automatic or manual)
Revenue Recognition
and Reporting
✓ Over 26 GAAP-compliant revenue recognition methods
✓ Auto deferred revenue management calculations and reporting
✓ Support for milestone-triggered revenue recognition scenarios
Subscription Billing
and e-Invoicing
✓ Flexible billing schedule creation
✓ Fully customizable invoice themes
✓ Email engine for in-app e-invoicing
Payments and
✓ Click-to-pay from e-invoices
✓ Record payments and sync to your general ledger
✓ Collections, dunning and AR aging management
SaaS Performance
Metrics and Analytics
✓ Subscription momentum (ARR/MRR)
✓ Churn and retention rates
✓ Customer lifetime value (CLV)
✓ Cash projections
✓ Cohort analysis 
Dashboards and
Financial Reporting
✓ Role-based dashboards
✓ GAAP revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
✓ Audit-ready revenue performance reporting

Admin and Customer Support

24/7 operations, upgrades and enhancements

Unlimited admin, bookkeeper, and reports users

US-based support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET

General Ledger Integration

Quickbooks Online or Desktop Integration

Optional Add-Ons and Integration Connectors

For an additional fee, you can integrate business-critical applications into your SaaSOptics account.

Note: Multi-currency management is optional for US-based pricing and is included in international pricing.

Optional Integration Connectors



Multi-Currency Management

Avalara AvaTax





On-Boarding: Operational Setup and Data Migration

In addition to the SaaSOptics base subscription, our implementation service means you can quickly adopt SaaSOptics as your system-of-record for revenue recognition and reporting. We strive to have customers fully implemented and running SaaSOptics in less than 6 weeks.

There are multiple options for implementing SaaSOptics. A SaaSOptics representative will consult with you on the best option based on the complexity of your data, your timeline and your budget.

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Optional Integration Connectors

Our integrations enrich transactions and facilitate automation

SaaSOptics Software Reviews


4.6 out of 5 stars

"The best tool for subscription metrics and revenue calculations"

"Easy to implement and plug into other cloud-based tools"

"Customer Support has
always been excellent"