SaaSOptics Pricing

What is Your Trailing 12 Months Revenue?

Prices include Multi-Currency Management and Reporting.

Drag the slider to your revenue range to see the annual price.
All fees are in your local currency. Asia-based companies please call for a quote.

$1m          $2m           $4m           $6m           $8m          $10m           $20m          $40m          $60m          $80m          $100m+        
Optional Integration Connectors (Each):

SaaSOptics' pricing is designed to grow as you grow

The annual subscription fee is based on your trailing twelve months revenue. Your fee is fixed during each term and adjusts at your renewal date based on your trailing twelve months revenue.

There are additional fees to include connectors to SalesForce, Stripe or Recurly.

As your business grows, you'll know up front exactly what you'll pay.

  • No hidden fees
  • Unlimited users
  • No transaction-based fees for invoices or payments

Implementation Support:

Our implementation team is here to help ensure a rapid and successful implementation. We strive to have customers fully implemented and running SaaSOptics in less than 6 weeks. However, most implementations can be completed in just one week. Implementation support is quoted, but will typically cost 2,000 to 4,000.

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