Multi-Currency Management & Reporting

Simplify the complexities of multi-currency financials with automated revenue consolidations, seamless reporting and analytics, and real-time foreign exchange calculations


Multi-Currency Contract & Revenue Management

SaaSOptics multi-currency management enables you to run your business across 154 worldwide currencies. 

  • All transactions, revenues, and deferred revenues reflect home currency and selected local currency.
  • Invoices are sent and payments are collected in local currency.
  • Our real-time foreign exchange rate tables and calculations keep your books in home and local currencies.




Consolidated Multi-Currency Financial Reporting

No more manual processes. You can be confident with automated multi-currency financial reporting.

SaaSOptics consolidates and reports on all your multi-currency transactions, invoices, revenues, and deferred revenues in home currency and in the selected local currency. 

Multi-Currency Subscription Metrics and Analytics

SaaSOptics automatically calculates key metrics with real-time foreign exchange rates, all tied to your multi-currency financials. You’ll get an accurate and consolidated view of insightful analytics including MRR/ARR, Cohorts, CLV, Projections and more.



Standardized Foreign Exchange Calculations

SaaSOptics uses standardized foreign exchange rate calculations, updated daily, giving you confidence in your multi-currency bookings. You can also manually override and add foreign exhange rates as needed.

This gives you faster insight into foreign exchange realized (payment) and unrealized (month-end open balance) gains and losses.

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"SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time."

Eric Rosenberg, DUO Security

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