Subscription Billing & Payments

Manage every aspect of your billing process, from generating invoice schedules, to capturing payments and analyzing your collections cycle.

Regardless of your growth stage, managing time-to-cash is critical. Crafting individual invoices, manually reconciling payments and lengthy collections processes bottleneck your finance department and inflate your AR, depriving you of growth capital.

SaaSOptics automates the creation, delivery and collection of your subscription bills, improving quality, saving time and removing friction in the payment process, putting cash back into your business.

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Superior Subscription Invoicing

Remove the guesswork from your subscription billing process by ensuring invoices are sent promptly and never missed. You choose the invoicing terms and SaaSOptics automatically creates the full schedule of invoices for each customer transaction, allowing you to forecast future cash into the business.




Flexible Invoice Scheduling

Gain freedom to control how you schedule initial invoices and edit future invoices within existing schedules to meet customer requirements. Delaying initial invoices, invoicing along non-standard agreements and combining items across future scheduled invoices is all possible with SaaSOptics. Your salespeople can negotiate creative payment terms and your customer success team can make changes mid-contract on behalf of the customer without throwing wrenches into your billing process.


Activity-driven Invoice Triggering

Manage complex or event-driven invoicing schedules with our Projects functionality. Trigger invoicing, revenue schedules and subscription terms to begin as milestones in the customer lifecycle are met, aligning your billing process with your accounting practices to streamline complex revenue recognition scenarios. 



Branded Invoice Templates

Easily create and send invoices customized with your logo, color scheme and messaging, allowing you to treat every touchpoint with your customers as an opportunity to create a positive impression of your brand. With SaaSOptics, you can create unlimited invoice templates to reflect the nuances that come with invoicing customers across different product lines, currencies or customer types.


Integrated Payments

Simplify how your customers pay you by embedding "Pay By" links for credit card or ACH transactions directly in the e-invoice. Payment notices and bank deposits are recorded in SaaSOptics and synced directly to your general ledger, saving you countless hours each month.


Optimized Subscription Invoices

Eliminate unnecessary overhead and added expense by ensuring customers know what they are being billed for, decreasing the likelihood they set the bill aside and forget to pay it or call with questionsWith SaaSOptics you can build a robust library of invoice line item descriptions so customers know exactly what they are being billed for, minimizing invoice-related customer inquiries.

Simplified Collections and Dunning

Automate how you track invoices to improve your collections and save time. Segment your Accounts Receivables into user-defined ranges based on days past due, then select specific e-invoices to re-send with custom-built messaging geared specifically to the common collections scenario. Use statuses custom-tailored to your collections cycle to create the visibility necessary to measure and improve your time-to-cash.


Streamlined AR Reporting

Eliminate the pain of keeping up with outstanding cash and individually following up on each overdue invoice. Marrying SaaSOptics' collections functionality with our flexible e-invoicing engine allows you to seamlessly manage your dunning process to collect on outstanding invoices.


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"SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time."

Eric Rosenberg, DUO Security

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