Order & Renewal Management

Remove the disconnect between sales and finance that's slowing down your order-to-cash process.

Basic accounting systems are isolated from the order placement process and create a chasm between the won sales opportunity and the finance team recording the contract, generating the revenue schedule and creating the invoice. The process slows even more because financial operations teams are often managing these objects across a disjointed combination of the general ledger and manual spreadsheets. A simple billing platform doesn't solve the problem; B2B subscription businesses need a system that expedites and streamlines how they receive, record and edit sales orders and enrich data records to support analytics for the entire subscription lifecycle.

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Simplified Order Processing

Pull new sales orders directly into SaaSOptics from your CRM, preserving the key details required to quickly and accurately process new business with just a few clicks. Move from new sale to having complete revenue and invoice schedules with no back and forth to fill in the blanks, removing friction from your workflow and improving customers' experience with your finance team.

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Granular Customer Records

Create a clear and nuanced understanding of how your customers spend with your business. Automatically stratify individual sales orders into transactions under each customer contract, each including items and revenue schedules. The process is clean, simple and fast and gives you visibility and insights you can't gain with a disconnected process of a general ledger and spreadsheets.

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Instant Visibility into the Subscription Lifecycle

Understand how customers behave throughout the subscription lifecycle by automating reports and dashboards that tell their story from order to renewal. Use the information you capture when processing each sales order to monitor trends in the aggregate subscription lifecycle, staying ahead of upcoming renewals and pivoting based on trends within customer sub-segments.

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Never Miss a Renewal Again

Create a shared visibility between finance and sales to manage renewals and protect against churn and loss of revenue. Use SaaSOptics to automatically generate subscription renewals and send invoices, or sync renewal opportunities to Salesforce and allow your sales team to initiate the process.

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Flexibility for Mid-Contract Changes

SaaSOptics is built to help you manage revenue expansion and contraction mid-term by allowing you to easily change future revenue and invoice schedules. Easily change the items, amounts and terms of your contracts, only impacting metrics outside the close period.


Sync Upgrades/Downgrades to Salesforce

Give your executive and sales teams full visibility into changes that impact their core metrics by adding upgrades to existing terms in SaaSOptics and syncing everything back to Salesforce, eliminating the confusion that can happen when renewals, cancellations, upgrades and downgrades aren't communicated between each team's system of record.

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"SaaSOptics has pulled SaaS revenue recognition out of the dark ages! Accurate revenue recognition and other critical metrics such as MRR can now be generated in real time."

Eric Rosenberg, DUO Security

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