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SaaS Growth

Building a Roadmap for Early-Stage SaaS Growth [Webinar]

  Watch our latest webinar to hear from Bigfoot Capital Founder Brian Parks, SaaSOptics CEO Tim McCormick and Techstars Partner Ari Newman as they share best practices on raising seed capital and getting to a series A round. Hear tips on how to find and target the right investors and what to expect from negotiations and due…

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How to Prepare for M&A Management Presentations

The banker said to block my calendar for management presentations. Excuse me, what are management presentations? And for two weeks? Yes, and this is only the halfway point. The real “fun” in due diligence comes after the management presentations. However, before we get too far, let’s break down what happens at management presentations and how…

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Customer Spotlight: Driven Insights

In 2014, two long-time business partners and entrepreneurs noticed an increasingly common challenge facing most small business owners – the lack of good financial data and metrics. So, they founded Driven Insights and today, provide expertise on a fractional basis to growing businesses. You may be wondering, “what is a fractional CFO?” As a business…

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The Subscription Model is the New Standard

Magazines, newspapers, life insurance, phones, security services, and a long list of products and services have been sold for decades using the subscription model. What has changed? The model has not really changed, but the relative importance has. The difference now is how important and meaningful the subscription model has become to the national economic engine.…

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