On-Boarding Definition for SaaS

What is on-boarding in a SaaS business?

On-boarding is the process of taking on a new client. Typically this includes:

  • Establishing a contract or legal arrangement between you and your client
  • Establishing accounting, billing and financial records
  • Providing client directions, including login information and steps forward
  • Providing CRM data for customer service and support systems and teams
  • Notifying implementation, training, and professional services departments and resources

The lighter and more consumer-like your SaaS business, the simpler and more integrated this process typically is based simply on the maturity of delivery and infrastructure platforms.

B2B SaaS operations will struggle to invest in the integration needed to connect what is typically a number of disparate systems to enable efficient on boarding. This struggle typically exists for upgrades and changes, as these processes have similar workflow considerations.

For SaaS heavy models, the process includes establishing or provisioning infrastructure to support the client and is typically even more complicated and difficult, many times dependent on email and other simple communications systems. 

Any SaaS company with additional variable fees and periodic billing will experience significant pain in integrating the application with billing and financial systems.

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