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Flexibility to Grow from Startup to Fully Mature

As you grow, you’ll face unique challenges that can bottleneck your finance team, and you’ll require new, efficient processes at each stage of growth to protect your financial integrity and valuation.

Whether you need to systematize how you manage subscriptions and revenue, obtain missing key SaaS metrics and analytics, integrate with an ERP like NetSuite or create efficient billing and collections workflows, SaaSOptics helps companies from $0 to $100M+ in ARR to shore up financial integrity and reduce risk by eliminating manual financial operations processes.

SaaSOptics is a single platform with the breadth and flexibility to encompass every subscription management function you need between your first sale and your exit in three, five or ten years.

Priorities for Startup Companies (<$1M)

It’s difficult to forecast cash in and out of the business when your subscriptions are managed in spreadsheets, a common scenario among early-stage companies. It’s crucial to set a solid foundation for how you process sales orders, recognize GAAP revenue and invoice customers to optimize collections and protect against revenue churn.


Build a foundation for financial integrity by turning new sales orders into customers, contracts, transactions and invoice schedules.


Invoice and collect on subscriptions to record cash-in and -out, gaining visibility on your runway.

automated schedule_300DPI8b50

Automatically calculate GAAP revenue schedules that generate journal entry amounts and finance report summaries.

recognize revenue_300DPIb6a1

Calculate ARR, MRR and other subscription metrics so that you can compare growth month-over-month.

SaaSOptics takes the burden off your leadership team to keep up with time-consuming and error-prone subscription management tasks, improving cash flow and protecting your financial integrity to help you prepare for future growth.

Priorities for Emerging SaaS Companies (Angel-Series A)

As your subscription volume grows, so do the number of variables that affect how you invoice, recognize revenue and manage contract changes. Running complex analytics and models for potential investors is already difficult, and questions about the integrity of the underlying financial data managed in spreadsheets can keep you from generating meaningful analysis on-demand.


SaaSOptics keeps your transaction, revenue and invoice amounts balanced even as you make contract changes and recast revenues.

out-of-the box_300DPIaed9

Out-of-the-box metrics and analytics tied to your financial data are built to help you present exactly what investors need to see.

visualize cycle_300DPI4f55

Visualize your collections cycle to proactively report on and manage accounts receivables (A/R).


Automated e-invoicing ensures correct invoices go out on time, every time.

With SaaSOptics, you have operations that streamline how you handle every function of your subscription management, safeguarding your contract and financial records by pulling them out of spreadsheets. You also get deep insights that are inherently tied to your balanced financial data, filling in all of the gaps in what used to be multiple error-prone and manual processes.

Priorities for Growth Companies (Series A-C)

With funding comes exponential growth that complicates contracts and can break your processes. You have more new orders with sales-negotiated terms, complex invoice scheduling and demands for subscription metrics and analytics, and the stakes are high to maintain financial integrity.


The metrics and analytics in SaaSOptics are uniquely tailored to KPIs and effectiveness measures for high-growth SaaS companies.

timing invoice_300DPIffda

Our invoice scheduling considers custom and multi-year agreements to inform reports, metrics and analytics.

custom dashboard_300DPId6bc

Role-based dashboards can be tailored to executives and everyday users, giving everyone real-time access to the KPIs that matter to them.

order to cash software

Integrations with leading CRMs give you a seamless order-to-cash-to-renewal workflow, closing the loop between sales and finance.

You get scalable subscription management and analytics that will continue to propel you through future growth, ensuring operational excellence as you continue to scale.

Priorities for Mature Companies (Series C+)

Your tech stack has evolved to meet security and operational requirements, but most enterprise finance tools aren’t built for SaaS businesses: Reporting is too high-level, and revenue recognition and invoice scheduling aren’t adaptive to recurring subscription models.


SaaSOptics analytics give you everything from the 30,000-foot view to the individual transaction details on every report.

streamline process_300DPIfd30

Multi-year contracts with term-length invoicing schedules are handled simply to help project future growth and fuel complex subscription analytics.


Billing workflows accommodate unique terms and apply automatic send rules, escalation paths, email tracking and customized branded templates.


Interactive accounts receivables aging summaries paired with template dunning messages and bulk send capabilities help you recover more outstanding accounts receivables.

With SaaSOptics, you maintain complete accuracy in how you manage your metrics and analytics as well as your subscription management workflow, so you can protect your financial integrity and valuation at every stage of growth.

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