Quickbooks Integration

Rev Up your QuickBooks with the complete Financial Operating System for your B2B Subscription Business


You started with QuickBooks because it was quick and easy

Then, you sold your first subscription and as your business began to grow, QuickBooks couldn’t provide all of the capabilities you need so you had to supplement it with spreadsheets for contract management and deferred revenue. At some point, you end up relying on a mess of disconnected spreadsheets to run your financial operations.  

If this sounds familiar, then you’re probably frustrated by the wasted time and effort it takes. We have the answer. With our comprehensive QuickBooks integration, you won’t need error-prone and disconnected spreadsheets.

SaaSOptics automatically syncs with QuickBooks, providing everything you need for GAAP compliant revenue recognition, subscription management, invoicing and analytics. It was built to fill the gaps of QuickBooks and to give you a single integrated solution for total management of your subscription business.


With the SaaSOptics QuickBooks integration, you’ll get:

  • Seamless Tracking and Reporting. Seamlessly sync customers, revenue, invoices and journal entries and the information you need to invoice customers, perform revenue recognition and create GAAP compliant income statements and balance sheets. SaaSOptics also provides comprehensive tracking and reporting for recurring revenue and subscription metrics such as churn, renewal rates, customer lifetime value (CLV) and many other key performance metrics.

  • Data from a Single Source. Store all contract information, including elements such as term, billing frequency and revenue recognition method in SaaSOptics. Choose from 25 different revenue recognition templates or build your own and easily generate a revenue recognition schedule for each contract element.  

  • Automated Invoicing. Schedule and automate invoices.

  • Accuracy Across the Board. Automatically sync all customer, revenue recognition and invoice data with QuickBooks. Whether you create or modify data in QuickBooks or SaaSOptics, you'll always have access to the most current and reliable data. And, select deferred revenue and unbilled AR balance sheet accounts are debited and credited automatically.

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