Recurly Integration

Turn your Recurly billing data into GAAP compliant revenue schedules

If you already use Recurly for subscription billing, no problem. Simply add your Recurly login credentials to SaaSOptics and our integration will turn your billing data into GAAP compliant revenue schedules and provide you with industry-leading subscription metrics and analytics and business intelligence.

It’s really that easy. With the SaaSOptics Recurly integration, you’ll get top-notch revenue management and reporting, along with highly optimized subscription analytics including MRR, CLV, churn, renewal rate and much more.

Simplicity for every day revenue recognition with:  

  • Daily computed revenue schedules that are generated when subscription records are created, not just tucked away in a report
  • Visibility into the transactions, customers and contracts you manage, every step of the way
  • Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition and deferred revenue reporting
  • Support for unbilled AR
  • Revenue recognition daily computation for over 20 other revenue recognition methods
  • Support for on-boarding and professional services

Quick and comprehensive revenue reporting so you can drill down and view deferred revenue by:

  • QuickBooks Account(s)
  • Customer or Contract
  • Customer Item/Product
  • Contract Item/Product
  • Item/Product
  • State

Optimized subscription reports that you can easily customize for visibility into:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • MRR momentum
  • Cohort
  • Projections
  • Customer count and more

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