Stripe Integration

SaaSOptics + Stripe = Seamless, branded and PCI compliant payments

Is your monthly billing process overwhelming? A time drain? Monopolizing valuable resources?

Let’s face it, electronic payments can be complex, but they don’t have to be. That’s why we’ve built a direct integration with leading payment processor, Stripe.

With one click, simply grant permission for SaaSOptics to connect to your Stripe account for seamless, branded and PCI compliant payment.  

  • Accurate Information, Always in Sync. Subscriber payment information securely syncs between SaaSOptics, Stripe and even QuickBooks, so it is consistent and always up-to-date. Advanced reporting makes it easy to know when payments are made and which are outstanding.

  • PCI Compliant. Rest assured that all subscriber credit card and sensitive personal information is securely stored in Stripe’s PCI-compliant environment. No secure data hits your server or ours.

  • Consistent Branding. Branding is important for every part of your business, even down to subscriber invoices. Easily customize payment and invoice templates and ensure your invoices are consistent and look professional. When you include “pay with Stripe” on your branded invoices, our direct integration with Stripe makes it easy for customers to pay.

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