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Are you planning a round of funding or starting to feel the pain of manually sending bills and tracking metrics in spreadsheets? Or maybe you just want to give your startup the best chance of succeeding. You've come to the right place.

With the SaaSOptics Startup Program, you get full access for up to one year to our subscription management platform and a community of like-minded B2B SaaS businesses. Implementation and support are also included at no charge.

Qualifications to Join the Startup Program

  • Be a B2B SaaS or subscription business with term subscriptions
  • Be under $750K in trailing 12 months revenue and less than $1M in funding
  • Have some current contracts and billings

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Power your business with SaaSOptics to get funded, stay funded and exit at a valuation well above the industry average. SaaSOptics’ customers have over $10B in funding and many have had successful exits at 10x ARR.

We have a limited number of Startup Program seats available each month, so send in your application today to be considered for the next available cohort. 

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Start Today — Build a Foundation for Growth

Streamlined Order & Renewal Management

In 45 seconds, turn sales orders into contract records that ensure integrity in your financial operations and support growth.

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Efficient Automated Subscription Billing & Payments

Automatically generate full invoice schedules and e-invoices to optimize your billing, A/R and collections.

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Automatic GAAP-Compliant Revenue Recognition

Automatic revenue schedules, deferred revenue and unbilled accrued revenue schedules for GAAP financial reporting.

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Comprehensive SaaS Subscription Metrics & Analytics

Ditch the spreadsheets with reports that capture everything from growth trends to customer lifetime value and cohorts.

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StructionSite Sees Immediate Benefits from the SaaSOptics Startup Program

“As a startup raising funding, we have to closely manage our costs. At the same time, tightly managing our financial operations, which is critical to our success,” Matt Daly, StructionSite Co-founder and CEO, said. “The SaaSOptics Startup Program gives us an entry point to better manage our financial operations with a subscription management platform we could afford while we work to raise funding and generate additional revenue.”

Read the full case study to see how StructionSite discovered, implemented and is growing with SaaSOptics.

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What’s the process for getting started? +

Submit the application form (here). We’ll send you a confirmation email, and we’ll be in touch quickly to make sure your business is a fit. From there, you can be live in SaaSOptics in just a few hours, depending on several variables within your business.

What happens when I grow beyond $750K in trailing 12 months revenue? +

First off, we’ll send you a big congrats! We’ve been in your shoes before as a startup, so we get the importance of these milestones. Second, SaaSOptics is built to be affordable for all stages of growth. When you become an alumnus or alumna, we’ll treat you well with affordable pricing and billing plans to keep you on that growth path. We look forward to having a large community of alumni who can provide mentorship and support to up and coming startups like you.

Who does SaaSOptics integrate with? +

Our list of integrations is constantly growing, so the safest answer is to check out the integrations on our website.

What if I need help? +

That’s what we’re here for. We have an expert support team that responds quickly and is known for complete, in-depth answers to help you with the “what” and the “why.”

About SaaSOptics


We know how challenging it can be to manage financial operations for a SaaS business because our founders ran financial operations with spreadsheets and manual processes in their previous ventures. As their business grew, those challenges multiplied.

You won’t find a company more laser-focused on helping founders, finance executives, bookkeepers and accountants automate and modernize their financial operations for growth.

Today, more than 550 customers rely on SaaSOptics to manage over $4.1B in revenue.