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Growing a company isn’t easy when financial operations aren’t running smoothly. Request a demo to understand how to modernize your financial operations with SaaSOptics.

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Learn best practices on raising seed capital and getting to a series A round. We share tips on how to find and target the right investors and what to expect from negotiations and due diligence.

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Get a 360-degree view of the key SaaS KPIs to improve your growth strategy. See the KPIs and metrics essential for scaling a SaaS business and offer valuable insights from an investor’s perspective.

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Steve Sehy from CaaS for SaaS CFO Services, and Tim DuVall, a tax partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller CPA firm, have teamed up to put together a targeted tax presentation specifically for SaaS companies.Watch Now


Using financial and operating metrics as a strategic tool provides the actionable insight you need to achieve your firm’s most important goals: driving growth, profitability and the type of value the market will reward at exit.Watch Now


With more major banks and private equity firms investing in emerging software businesses like yours, we'll explore the different capital scenarios and how you can prepare your business for growth.Watch Now


Jagruti Solanki, Assurance Senior Manager with Aprio, LLP, who will take us through the steps you can take to ensure a smooth audit.
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Are you prepared for ASC 606?  Steve Sehy of CaaS who will show you how to Get Your SaaS Business Prepared for the New Revenue Recognition Standard (ASC 606).
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In this webinar, we detail which metrics and analytics are most critical to growing your business and why. How to discover hidden trends in the data. And The importance of leveraging a single source of truth.
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For a SaaS or subscription business, finance operations are no longer just a back office function. Finance executives are playing, or want to play, a larger role in their businesses' strategic direction and growth. In order to do so, they need to have a deep understanding of exactly where their company's operations stand and how they can use them to modernize their finance operations.
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If you’re like most when you first started your business, your primary focus was on selling and development. Metrics and analytics were a “nice to have”, but seemed over the top. As your business grows, your needs change and metrics, such as MRR, ARR, and CLV, and analytical approaches, such as Cohort Analysis, become critical—especially if you’re talking to investors or an acquisition is in your future.
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SaaS financial operations are anything but basic. But not to worry. In this webinar, we’ll walk you through the financial operations best practices that deliver efficiency, control and the insight you need to manage and grow your business.
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Successful adoption is the most critical milestone in your customer's journey. It’s the first interaction with your product and the first time for your customer success team to deliver value so those customers will stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends. That’s why getting your onboarding right is a must.
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SaaS company revenue includes the complexities of software revenue as well as the intricacies due to the SaaS model. In this one-hour course we will cover the relevant accounting and the auditing processes to use for this type of revenue. The presenter has been both an auditor and also the CFO of a SaaS company and will bring this unique perspective to the course.
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