Complete B2B Subscription Management Optimized for B2B SaaS and Subscription Businesses

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Subscription Billing
Easy invoice scheduling for recurring subscription billing. Optimized for B2B invoicing with complete QuickBooks integration. Support for implementation and PS invoicing.

Invoicing efficiently and on-time improves cash flow & reduces costs.
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Subscription Analytics
SaaS and Subscription metrics built right in - easily configured reports for MRR, CMRR, Cohort, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Churn, Renewal Rates, Bookings, and more.

Realtime analytics empower decision making & make board decks a snap.
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Revenue Recognition
GAAP compliant rev rec and deferred revenue made easy. Daily rev rec, direct access to revenue schedules, revenue catch-up, period closing, unbilled AR, and more.

Proper revenue management removes risk & improves company valuation.

Plug-and-Play Connectors
Out-of-the-box, robust connectors provide powerful integrations with these popular applications.

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The Problem

Managing a SaaS or subscription business requires financial metrics, operating metrics, and subscription intelligence you can't get from your packaged accounting or finance system. You rely on cumbersome spreadsheets too much. Spreadsheets are complex, error prone, & time consuming.

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The Solution

SaaSOptics is the B2B optimized complete subscription management solution. SaaSOptics is a cloud-based financial management solution for subscription B2B businesses, providing affordable, GAAP-compliant revenue recognition & reporting, invoicing, and out-of-the-box, highly optimized analytics for tracking key subscription metrics.

Subscription Invoicing

SaaSOptics provides robust invoicing and payment functions that will reduce invoicing pains and improve cash flow:

  • Annual, quarterly, monthly and 18 other scheduled invoicing options
  • Professional services and ad hoc invoicing
  • Invoice, sales receipts, and credit memo syncing with QuickBooks
  • Email invoices from SaaSOptics or from QuickBooks
  • Invoice bundled Items
  • Credit card payments through plug-and-play integration with Intuit and Stripe
Revenue Recognition & Deferred Revenue
Remove risk, improve company valuation, speed through audits, and always be prepared for board meetings, investments, and m&a!

  • Easy GAAP-compliant subscription revenue recognition
  • Best practices daily computation and 25 other methods
  • Close dates, with close period revenue catch-up
  • Support for on-boarding and professional services rev rec
  • Bundled Items and VSOE revenue allocations
Subscription Management
In B2B, it’s not just about processing credit cards each month. It’s about land-and-expand and managing renewals. SaaSOptics has a robust set of subscription management features optimized for your business:

  • Contract extensions, upgrades, upgrade extensions, and early terminations
  • Full visibility into expiring subscriptions and upcoming invoices
  • Our Salesforce Connector gives reps full visibility into renewals, invoices, and payments
Subscription Analytics
As if subscription invoicing and revenue recognition weren’t complex enough, you also need all kinds of unique subscription analytics to run your business and to report to your board. SaaSOptics has them all, with full support for both MRR and ARR based analysis:

  • MRR Momentum™
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Renewal Rates and Churn
  • Cash, revenue, and bookings projection
Complex On-boarding and Implementations?
Projects is a unique and powerful on-boarding and implementation management control function that makes it easy to manage your books while your customers are being on-boarded.

If on the date you receive an order you don’t know the exact dates of all the invoicing events, revenue events, or subscription term dates, management of financial records can get complicated. And the complication grows with order volume.

You need a control system. You need SaaSOptics Projects.