Complete Subscription Management: Rev Rec, Invoicing, & Analytics

SaaSOptics is a cloud-based financial management solution for emerging subscription businesses providing affordable, comprehensive GAAP-compliant revenue recognition & reporting, invoicing, and out-of-the-box, highly optimized analytics for tracking key subscription metrics - MRR Momentum™, renewal rates, churn, customer lifetime value and dozens more. SaaSOptics brings financial maturity to emerging subscriptions business, with out-of-the-box integrations with Zuora, Salesforce, and QuickBooks.


Rev Rec and Subscription Analytics with out-of-the-box integration options.
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Memorized transactions & spreadsheets not really working? RevenueBooks™ for revenue rec & subscription invoicing.
salesforce subscription management
Salesforce integration syncs customer, billing, and product information to your SaaSOptics Order queue.
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MRR, Churn, Renewal Rates, & Customer Lifetime Value are a click away with out-of-the-box Zuora integration.
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The Problem

Managing a SaaS or subscription business requires financial metrics, operating metrics, and subscription intelligence you can't get from your packaged accounting or finance system.

You rely on cumbersome spreadsheets for everything, including revenue & contract management. Spreadsheets are complex, error prone, & time consuming.
The Solution

SaaS Optics is the superior solution for managing subscription analytics & metrics, SaaS metrics; and for complete invoicing, revenue and contract management.

SaaSOptics is the simple, cost effective way to safely track, manage, measure, and share all subscription metrics, revenue performance, contract renewals, & performance objectives.

Deferred Revenue & Invoice Management

Subscription invoicing, rev rec, and deferred revenue management!
  • GAAP compliant revenue recognition
  • Complete invoice scheduling and creations
  • Automatic deferred revenue reporting
  • Automatic unbilled AR reporting
  • Renewal & contract management
  • Salesforce integration
  • QuickBooks® integration
  • Quick-to-implement, low cost of ownership
Affordable comprehensive revenue management!

Analytics for Term

Define, measure, track all SaaS & subscription metrics - faster, easier & infinitely better than xls!
  • Churn & Renewal Rates
  • MRR Momentum&tm
  • ARR - annual recurring revenue
  • Cohort Reports
  • Upgrade/Up-sell/Downgrades
  • CLTV - Customer lifetime total value
  • Mid term upgrades and contract changes
  • Project bookings, revenues, and cash flow
Get real-time business intelligence on-demand!

Analytics for Monthly Subscriptions

Loads of data but no intelligence? Fix it quickly with optimized subscription analytics!
  • Churn, Cancellation & Renewal Rates
  • MRR Momentum®
  • Cohort Reporting
  • Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • ASP - average selling price
  • CLTV - Customer lifetime total value
  • Analyze by date, cohort or term number
  • Project subscription metrics
Analyze invoices, credit card transactions, & more.